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Diamonds Define the Most Brilliant RelationshipS

Come to Greene Jewelers in Armbrust to Select Precious Gemstones

Looking for diamonds in the Greensburg area? Greene Jewelers has top-quality diamonds and gemstones for residents of Westmoreland County. No need to travel all around looking for the diamond brilliance you seek. Trust your hometown jewelry store for quality diamonds and precious gems in a variety of settings. Our jeweler offers diamond jewelry repair and jewelry cleaning services. Contact us online or call Greene Jewelers today at (724) 925-7479 about the diamonds we offer and jewelry sales.

Spoil Family or a Significant Other With the Gift of Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is a unique and classic gift idea for any loved one. Greene Jewelers has the dazzling diamonds you want to spoil someone special or even yourself. Visit our shop and make yourself at home while you browse our selection of diamonds in Armbrust, PA. If you are getting engaged or married soon, a diamond adds brilliance to any ring and offers a classic look you will enjoy for many years to come. Diamonds are also a great way to make an anniversary even more special. For those who prefer something more exciting, we offer a wide array of colorful gemstones and birthstones to suit any style. At Greene Jewelers, we offer one-of-kind pieces with diamonds, gemstones, or a mixture of both. We can also create custom rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with any gemstone you desire. 

Browse a Variety of Diamonds and Gemstones in a Variety of Shapes

Greene Jewelers has many diamonds and vibrant gemstones that are guaranteed to awe anyone who receives them. Diamonds are timeless, classic, and add a rich feel to any piece of jewelry. We have gemstones and precious stones available in a wide variety of colors and settings. Diamonds and stones come in shapes such as round, princess, radiant, asscher, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, marquise, and heart. They can be cut in round, round cabochon, and round checkerboard styles.

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Gemstones Available at Greene Jewelers



Blue Chalcedony

Blue Sapphire

Blue Spinal

Blue Zircon













Pink Sapphire



Smoky Quartz

Tahitian Pearl


White Spinel

White Topaz

Yellow Sapphire

Jewelry Repair and Jewelry Cleaning Keep Your Gems Sparkling

The shine of your engagement ring will not last forever. Everyday tasks like cooking, working at the office, driving, gardening, and more can scratch the band or loosen the prongs. Age can dull the appearance of a shiny band. Greene Jewelers offers experienced jewelry repair and jewelry cleaning services to keep your diamond or gemstone jewelry looking brand new. We can buff out scratches, resize bands, fix clasps, repair chains, and even replace lost stones. Stop by our shop to see how we can repair or clean your jewelry.